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Hi! My name is Linda and I will make you feel wonderful!

Investing in massage is an investment in your health.  Don't wait until it is too late, prevent long term damage, injuries, and more expensive treatment with regular massage.  When you come to your massage I will first discuss with you your concerns, health history, and goals you may have for the massage.  I will customize your massage by combining a variety of massage styles.  I will use a combination of Swedish and hot stones to relax your muscles, if you like I will do deep tissue, sports, and trigger point to release constricted muscles and alleviate pain.  I want you to enjoy every part of your massage and make sure that you have a positive experience, please communicate to me if at any time the pressure or technique is not for you.  

My clientele includes men and women of all ages ranging from the person who just wants to relax and unwind, athletes, or a medical client who needs intense treatment.  I will always follow your lead on conversation, will never talk to you unless you start the conversation or if it is relevant to the massage.  My promise is to always provide client-focused services in a warm and relaxing environment.  

30 minutes $35

60 minutes $65

90 minutes $95

Call or text me @ 702-281-4995